Sole Designer – A Shoe Head’s Dream?

Introduction to Sole Designer

A few weeks back Sole Collector released their “Sole Designer” application for the iPhone, giving shoeheads the ability to customize any pair of Air Jordans 1-23.  Although you can’t actually cop the shoes you customized, the application is still pretty sick to play around with.

You can see my review of the app below along with some of my unique creations. It’s a pretty dope app and worth a try for any sneakerhead.


Sole Designer lets users select the color of every fine detail of the Air Jordan shoe model from top to bottom.  The colors given to customize shoes are limited, but nonetheless it’s dope to try to come up with color schemes.  I had always thought that if I had the chance to pick the colorways of any Jordan that the shoe would be an instant hit. But after messing with Sole Designer, you realize how hard it is to actually create a color scheme that works and looks good. I guess that’s why Tinker Hatfield (creator or Jordans 3-15 plus more) gets the big bucks.



Sole Designer runs $3.99 for a select pack of 5 Jordans.  $3.99 doesn’t seem like much, but for a somewhat limited product offering and available options, the application is overpriced. Sole Designer only offers one angle of each shoe to design, which is also disappointing.  It is hard to get a full feel for the shoe with only a single view of each Jordan shoe.  Another disappointment was a lack of colors available for each shoe. I was really hoping to be able to select some of the colorways and print designs that Jordan Brand popularized (Elephant print, Cement Print, military blue, Bordeaux, etc.) none of which the application offers at this time.


Even though there are some flaws, the good thing about apps are their ability to be updated and improved.  I look forward to seeing updates of Sole Designer to give users a more realistic experience designing their own shoe.



For some time now, the shoe heads of the world have been yearning for the ability to create their own colorways for Jordans, and we finally have it after years and years of waiting. Sole Designer gives people the ability to let their imaginations run, and while it is amazing to see your interpretations of the iconic basketball shoes come to life, it can be a limited experience at times.  Even though the application does have some flaws, I would still recommend it and suggest that all sneaker fans try it out.

Moving forward it would be sick if you could actually get the shoes you make manufactured, kinda like how NikeID offers customization of a few shoes.  If the world went crazy over factory variants, imagine how the shoe world will react to having your own colorway of Authentic Jordans.

Heres a few of the colorways I came up with.  Feel free to mock your own up and shoot them to the Dime A Dozen Team’s twitter.