Aint No Wifey – Dime Piece


Aint No Wifey

Aint No Wifey 2

Over the past few weeks I’ve been seeing the hashtag “Aint No Wifey” on Instagram.  At first I thought it was just a creative hashtag one of my friends used because of its relevance to her clothes. After seeing the hashtag a little bit more, I looked into it and came across women’s street wear brand, Dime Piece.  Even though I typically don’t search women’s street wear brands because of my preference in clothing, they really caught my eye.  They have been in the game for a while but I was recently introduced to their company.  They seem to have a certain chip on their shoulder about your typical “Dime Piece.”  Typical “dimes” don’t walk around bragging that they “Ain’t No Wifey,” and that “Love Don’t Pay The Bills.”

A lot of their pieces stand up for the independent woman, who aren’t the typical “groupies” u hear about in a lot of hip hop music.  Dime Piece stands for the women who aren’t the typical “stay at home” girls.  Based off of their graphic shirts, Dime Piece is for the girls who are on the grind, who don’t have time for a guy and who sometimes need to roll up to deal with their highs and lows…and a reminder to guys.  Not every girl is the wifey type.  Watch who u wife players.