Diamond Supply Co. Leather Wrapped Sunglasses Review

Introduction to Diamond’s New Leather-Wrapped Sunglasses

Just in time for summer, Diamond Supply Co. is at it again, releasing a new style of sunglasses: Leather-wrapped. I think Nicky Diamonds is a genius and has definitely set himself apart from other brands by releasing these sunglasses with such unique features. While other brands have been going with simple “wayfarer” type of sunglasses with their logo printed on the frame, Diamond Supply Co. took it to another level with their customization and distinct style to create a product that really stands out.

In all, we really like and recommend these sunglasses to anyone who’s looking to stand out from the crowd. See more images and our review below.

Hardware and Specs

There are two different pairs of Diamond Supply Co. sunglasses in this release: Gold and Silver. The Gold pair has Split Leather Wrapped Acetate Frame, Stainless Steel Arms, Polarized Lenses, and Wrapped Ear Stems. The Silver pair has the exact same specs with the one exception being the wrapped ear stems in croc, rather than leather. Fans of the brand will be pleased to have two options to choose from, both of which look great.

Diamond Leather Wrapped Sunglasses, complete set

(Leather Wrapped Sunglasses Complete Set)

Diamond Gold Leather Wrapped Sunglasses

(Gold, Front)

Diamond Sunglasses Gold Close Up

(Gold, Close Up)

Diamond Gold Leather Wrapped Sunglasses, Ear Stem

(Gold with Leather Ear Stem)

Diamondy Silver Leather Wrapped Sunglasses, Ear Stem

(Silver with Crocodile, Ear Stem)

Wrap-Up and Recommendations

Diamond Supply Co has always released dope shirts, hoodies, accessories, and snapbacks, and I have a lot of respect for them. These Sunglasses combined with the wallets, coin and lighter holders, and iPhone cases are a must have for the summer. If you’re looking to buy a new pair to replace those old Wayfarers, I definitely recommend looking into these. As usual, the Diamond name represents ingenuity and creativity not often seen in other brands. If you can afford it, buy both pairs!