The Fall of Jordan Brand – Quantity Control

There was once a time when even the most hyped Jordan’s were still mass produced for the average sole collector.  Up until the early 2000’s, there were different kind of shoe releases.  The majority of shoes were set to be a “General Release” meaning mass produced and would be steadily available for everyone.  The day after a shoe released, you might be able to get a pair the newest Jordan’s just by walking into the local shoe shop.  For each release, a mass quantity was produced because of the overall popularity of the shoe.  They knew which shoes would be top sellers, and supplied enough for fans of all ages to get a pair of the Air Jordan release.  There were also “Quickstrikes” which only a select number of stores would receive and would sometime release without prior notice to the general public like the

Laser IV

Air Jordan Beginning Moments Package

and Air Jordan Defining Moments Package.

These shoes were limited and would release at undisclosed locations to the average fan.  Camping out wasn’t a must, but waking up early was unquestionable.  Now every Jordan release is a quick strike, and many people leave the mall disappointed that they could not cop a pair of shoes.  Sleeping outside and possibly getting killed over were never real considerations.  Now Jordan Brand is continuing to limit the number of shoes produced and are doing noting about the consequences of it.

2013 is already set to release some of the most sought after Jordan’s to come back out.  Despite all the hype, let’s stop following the hype and allowing Jordan to control the shoe market by trying to make each release harder to get by the limiting quantities.  The prices have continually rose over the past 5 years and the quality is definitely going south..but thats for another day.