Hottest Streetwear Tanks for Summer 2012 via Karmaloop

Summertime Wear – Mens Tank Tops

As the temperature rises, so does the demand for tank tops. Every summer it comes as no surprise that streetwear brands create and include tank tops of different styles and designs into their summer line. For Dime A Dozen, we have a few tank top designs that will be released in a few weeks, just in time for that heat wave! In the meantime I wanted to share with everyone my top five summer 2012 men’s streetwear tank tops via Karmaloop. Hopefully after reading a couple of my posts, you will know what I look for in clothes and have an insight to my style.

Number 5- Freshjive : The Blunt Roll Tank White

The black and white photo print used on shirts have always been a great design. Women’s body parts have been the majority subject of most photo prints and luckily for this 2012 summer, Freshjive released a tanktop that falls in both categories. I chose this tank because I like the way the photo represents the shape of the blunt paper and on each paper there is an image of a woman’s lips rolling and smoking the blunt. Very clever design in my opinion.

The Blunt Roll Tank Top

Number 4- Huf : The Plant Life Pocket Tee Black

Ever since Huf released their Plant Life socks, they have been a hot item on the market and I assume that half the people that read this blog have a pair. It is only right that I chose this pocket tank for two reasons: 1) This tank would match very well with your Plantlife Socks and 2) I have been a fan of the pocket addition to tees and tanks and still think the style is “in”.

Plantlife Pocket Tank

Number 3 – Adapt x Breezy Excursion : Brotherhood Mens Black Tank Top

I chose this one for the typography and overall message of the design. It has a simplistic design and like our motto “expressions through simplicity”, this tank top displays the Dime A Dozen message: sometimes things are better left simple. The typography of the design creates a deeper meaning for the word “Brotherhood”, the design itself requires no graphics but allows you to create your own depiction on the definition of the word.

Brotherhood Tank Top

Number 2 – Breezy Excursion : Dream Team Tank Top

Breezy Excursion was very clever by capitalizing on the 2012 Olympics with this tank top. As many of you know, the original 1992 Dream Team documentary came out earlier this year and the USA team in 2008 and 2012 are being compared the original 1992 “dream team.” With all the hype about the “Dream Team”, many people are going to be seeking out either a USA NBA Jersey or tank top with the Dream Team reference. This will definitely be a top seller.

Dream Team Tank

Number 1 – 10.Deep : Muddy Waters Tank

I blogged earlier about 10.Deep’s Summer 2012 line and it should come as no surprise that my number one pick is their Muddy Waters Tank. The 80’s and 90’s designs have been dubbed “Retro” style of today’s fashion and many brands have incorporated some sort of retro design in either their current or past lines. This print especially caught my eye because of its subtle reference to the retro style, without completely conforming to the entirety of dubbing it a retro shirt.

Muddy Waters Tank


These are my top five picks for the hottest streetwear tanks of summer 2012 via Karmaloop. Remember that I only picked five from Karmaloop and did not look at any other store. I am sure there are others that I have overlooked or missed, but feel free to comment below any tanks that should have made top five!