Artist Introduction: Zooly Music ( VIDEO )


Here at DD, we believe progress at any rate is golden and we understand that growth as an artist doesn’t come easy. So when it comes to providing our support, we like to shine the light on those who practice the same belief. It just so happens that one of our COTG natives Aaron Balver, aka Zooly Muisc, feels the same way and shows it in his music.

Zooly at work

The team was lucky enough to catch up with Zooly a couple days ago and thanks to Rolo, we were able to shoot a little video about him and what keeps him going. Peep out the video and let us know what you think by shooting a comment below. Don’t forget to drop by his YouTube page to check out some of his tracks and be sure to follow him on Twitter .

“..If you really want something done you gotta do it yourself..”

DD:  Whats your name, where are you from, and what do you do?

Zooly: My name is Zooly, coming out of Gardena, California, and I’m a DJ and a Music Producer.


DDWhat Kind of Music do you produce?

Zooly: I produce a lot of electronic music, a lot hip hop, and a lot of dubstep.


DDWhats one of your favorite quotes that you really go by?

Zooly: One of my favorite quotes would have to be, if you want something done you gotta do it yourself. And I feel like that relates to me and my music. And I feel that if you REALLY want something done — you just have to do it yourself, you know? No one is gonna be there throughout your whole life to take your first steps, you just gotta do it.


DDExplain what a day in the life of Zooly is.

Zooly: A day in the life of Zooly would just be me going to Work at 6am getting off at 2. And then after that, just getting on the laptop makin beats.


DDWhat do you have in the works and what do you have planned for the future?

Zooly: Whats next for Zooly is I got a whole bunch of tracks coming out for Havok Television. They are going to feature them on a bunch of skate videos and use it as background music. And after that, I got a whole bunch of original tracks that I’m gonna use to put out my own EP.


DD:  Wanna give any shout outs?

Zooly: Shout outs to Dime A Dozen Clothing .com. Shout out to everybody that’s supporting me. All my followers on Facebook, on Twitter, and Instagram — you guys are dope!