Kixxie Siete & Artie McCraft Live @ Nola’s LA “Eyes Up”

Last month, the squad attended “Eyes Up” to see Kixxie Siete and Artie McCraft rock the mic live at Nola’s Southern and Creole restaurant in heart of LA’s art and fashion district. The night was full of good music, urban clothing and some great fans!

Nolas Restauratnt Dime A Dozen

The Kixxie-Artie McCraft duo showcased some of their more popular tracks like ‘Bang Bang’, ‘The Breakout’, and even performed some exclusive, unreleased material that we hope to see out soon. DJ Markie Mark was spinning the set and kept the crowd hyped the entire time. It was great to see the place packed with people from all over the South Bay.  Some of the other artists that performed that night were Bambeeno, Rhythm Natives, Germ Free, and more. Shout out to them for putting on a show as well.

Kixxie Siete Artie McCraft Dime A Dozen

Thanks to everyone who came out and to support and showed some love. We really appreciate it. Heres a glimpse of the show from our perspective. I know it isn’t much footage but if you wanted more, you should’ve came out.


Yacht Klub Eyes Up Nolas