Music Review: Azuré’s The Umbrella Theory Mixtape

DD Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Azuré is an up and coming artist hailing from the bay area, “giving you that raw”.. music that is. His mixtape “The Umbrella Theory”, which released in April 2012,  features that laid back, feel good, bob your head, tree friendly, good vibes rhythm and rhymes music. I am personally a big fan of this genre hip hop and one listen to the whole album and I was instantly hooked. Some of the tracks feature other artists such as Angel Ventura, Alex Carbonel, and Hawthorne’s own Kixxie Siete.

Azuré The Umbrella Theory Mixtape

I personally like Track 9 – Ice Cubes and Track 13 – Flavors ft Kixxie Siete. Both tracks remind me of the 90’s golden age era of hip hop, with the smooth beats and continuous flows. The Ice Cubes track is the epitome of “giving you the raw”, with vicious punchlines after punchlines that keep your head bobbin. The Flavors track did well combining both styles into one track that fits both their flows.

There is no official video for flavors, but I’ve posted the Ice Cubes music video below. The production of the video is dope and what kind of streetwear blog would this be if I didn’t mention the sick snapback, diamond shirt, and space jam jordans he rocks in the video.


So if your tired of listening to Pussy, Money, and Weed, give this mixtape a shot and listen/download here. Comment below on what you think of the Mixtape.